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Repairs: Woodwind:

- Piccolo$195.00$175.00
- Flute (Closed Hole)$195.00$175.00
- Flute (Open Hole)$225.00$195.00
- Oboe$295.00$250.00
- Bassoon$495.00$395.00
- Clarinet$185.00$175.00
- Alto Clarinet$395.00$350.00
- Bass Clarinet$450.00$395.00
- Alto | Soprano Saxophone$495.00$395.00
- Tenor Saxophone$595.00$495.00
- Baritone Saxophone$950.00$795.00

* REPAD: Instruments are disassembled, cleaned and sterilized. Replacement
of all pads, corks & felts, springs are replaced as needed, saxophones with
nickel keys are polished after assembly, precision adjustments are made and the
instrument is play-tested. Note: we only use tone booster pads on saxophones
unless otherwise specified by the customer.

* OVERHAUL: (same as above where relavant, plus) polishing of body and
keys, oiling of all wood. On saxophones: removal of dents, buff: polish, lacquer.


- Clarinet | Oboe Joints$15.00
- Alto | Tenor Necks$18.00
- Bass Clarinet Joints$18.00
- Bassoon Bocals$15.00
- Bassoon Joints$20.00

Note:We will not thoroughly buff out deep pitting or scratches, as it
may destroy the integrity of the instrument.

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